First tests show that 'cancer pill’ not effective

The tests were conducted by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation.
22/03/2016 10h17 - Updated 22/03/2016 10h17
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The first tests with the synthetic phosphoethanolamine, known as “cancer pill”, conducted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and inovation (MCTI) They showed that the substance is not pure, as they claimed their creators, and that it shows no activity against cancer cells in vitro tests. The first five reports were released by the ministry on the last day 18.

“A informação era that was pure phosphoethanolamine, but there are five components in the capsule. Preliminary results show that phosphoethanolamine has no activity against cancer”, says Luiz Carlos Dias, professor of the Chemistry Institute of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), who worked in MCTI research in the characterization stage of the capsule and synthesis components.

substance, created by retired teacher Gilberto Chierice the Chemistry Institute of the University of São Paulo (USP) San Carlos, There is spread over 20 years and do not have authorization from the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency to be used as medicine.

according to Dias, the amount of phosphoethanolamine is 32,2% and another substance present in formula, called monoethanolamine, showed ability to reduce cancer cell proliferation. “One of the components has a small activity, but it is very marginal, lower than that presented by conventional treatments.” in a statement, the ministry reported that the results are preliminary and that “there is still no conclusive report on the substance.”

Dias explained yet to be carried out in vivo tests, which should include small animals, whose results should come out in a month.

Another point of concern, according to researcher, was the fact that the capsules do not show the same amount of substance in each. “Each had a different amount. Indicates a handmade process of putting content in the capsule.” The report came in contact with those responsible for the formula by email, but had no answer.

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