Project included in the curriculum of Semed teaching about the 'Animal Welfare'

The proposal is the chairman of the Environmental Commission of the CMM, Councilman Everaldo Farias.
02/03/2016 09h51 - Updated 2/03/2016 09h51
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In order to develop public policies for animal protection through education, President of the Environment Commission of the Manaus City Hall (CMM), Councilman Everaldo Farias (PV), filed Bill No. 013/2016, establishing the teaching on 'Animal Welfare' as a crosscutting theme in the curriculum of public schools.

The proposal should be analyzed by the plenary 41 councilors and approved, sent to the analysis of the Constitution Commission, Justice and Writing (CCJR) the Legislature. The project aims to provide balance and environmental protection so that coordinated actions with the government to promote the protection and defense of animals are developed.

"Over the years, Manaus worked with the capture and killing of dogs and cats in a systematic and indiscriminate way. The elimination was supported by a misguided thinking of society and the WHO itself (World Health Organization) and that changed with Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. We believe that by including theme, understanding the role of each citizen for the animals can be strengthened, helping in the matter of public health ", highlighted.

According to the project, defining theme introduction of methodology in the school curriculum will be the responsibility of the Municipal Education (semed). The proposal recalls, a WHO Technical Report, published in 1992, pointing out the acceptable methods to control the dog population are based on: movement restriction; educational programs for responsible ownership; habitat control and reproduction of regulation.

Also according to the parliamentary project, there are examples of other countries and Brazilian cities, who advanced in this aspect of controlling the animal population to tread the path of environmental education.

"This issue has its complexity and involves public health issue, but with planning of municipal policies it is possible to reach a success. population control measures are important, but it requires the implementation of deterrence measures the abuse through educational activities aimed at changing values ​​and attitudes, of public awareness for a harmonious coexistence with the animals ", He finished Everaldo.

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