Prosecutors want to establish the date to hold Lula

They also called for the arrest of Leo Pinheiro, OAS executives, and João Vaccari Neto.
11/03/2016 10h42 - Updated 11/03/2016 10h42
Photo: Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

In the request for provisional arrest for the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, prosecutors of the Public Ministry of São Paulo also requested authorization to 'fix the date of the implementation and enforcement of the warrants'. The arrest warrant shall be examined by Judge Maria Priscilla Ernandes, 4th Criminal Court of the Capital.

Report in the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo reports that prosecutors Cássio Conserino, José Carlos Blat and Fernando Henrique de Moraes Araújo ask: “In case of approval, the warrants are delivered by hand to one of the prosecutors subscribers complaint, so that is subsequently completed in order to be established by the prosecution, including the use of police force, if necessary, evident with respect to current legislation, all in order to get the best form of application of the measures, avoiding violation of fundamental rights of the accused”.

Prosecutors also called for the arrest of Leo Pinheiro and OAS executives, besides the former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto. The arrest order contained in an annex to the complaint, whose full can be read here.

Lula is accused of undermining public order by denying the institutions that comprise the justice system, especially from the time the investigations of the Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo and Operation Lava Jato turned against him.

The prosecution claims that, if not arrested, Lula could easily escape, besides ignite militancy for shields it from any research. “The reasons are sufficient to permit the conclusion that it will move all its' network’ violent support to prevent the crime process that begins with the present complaint is its natural course, with obvious probability of threats to victims and witnesses and impaired production of other evidence in the case”, says MP.


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