Prosecutors say Rousseff has used public funds to defend Lula

The mention of Dilma takes several paragraphs of representation to Justice by Lula in prison decree.
11/03/2016 16h37 - Updated 11/03/2016 16h38
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The criminal prosecution of St. Paul's criticism of President Dilma Rousseff on the request for provisional arrest of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who accuses him of money laundering and forgery in the case of triplex Guaruja.

According to the prosecution, amidst the siege of its predecessor, Dilma publicly defended.

“Civil society, a free press and public institutions attended, surprises, a President of the Republic, in full exercise of their mandate, stop your expensive presidential appointments to be made public advocate who does not occupy any public office, but that holds in common with the maximum head of the Federal Government the same party affiliation”, They noted prosecutors.

The mention of Dilma takes several paragraphs of representation to the prison Justice decree – piece accompanying criminal complaint against Lula, his wife Marisa Letícia, the eldest son of the couple Fábio Luiz Lula da Silva, the Lulinha, and thirteen other defendants.

Prosecutors Cássio Conserino, José Carlos Blat and Fernando Henrique Araújo Dilma cite the chapter in which argue that Lula uses “party political power” to try to evade the investigation.

Eles apontam passagens que, in review, confirmam o empenho da presidente no apoio a Lula inclusive com uso de recursos públicos.

Não seria possível deixar de ressaltar três episódios sintomáticos e extremamente expressivos do poder político-partidário do denunciado, prova de sua capacidade de se valer de pessoas que ocupam até cargos públicos para defendê-lo, conquanto devessem se abster de fazê-lo”, argumentam os promotores.

O primeiro capítulo, according to them, ocorreu na sexta-feira, 4, quando o ex-presidente foi conduzido coercitivamente pela Polícia Federal para depor em uma sala no Aeroporto de Congonhas no inquérito da Operação Lava Jato que atribui a Lula a posse do tríplex do Guarujá e do sítio Santa Bárbara, Atibaia.

“The first episode is on the mobilization of the President of the Republic who presented at the national television network to make statement in defense of the accused, on the afternoon of the same date on which, the morning the accused was conducted coercively by the Federal Police to testify on facts that are known as research object Operation Lava Jet and which is being processed under the chairmanship of the Federal Prosecutor in Curitiba.”

They cite Rousseff's trip to São Bernardo do Campo on Saturday, 5, on FAB jet, to show solidarity Lula.

“The second episode that caused more surprise, in a new way and also regrettable, It was to learn from the press that on 5 March 2016, the same President of the Republic embarked on the county in which the accused resides to provide support to it, making use of public funds, and not private, Of transport.”

The censorship, still, another public statement the president always support investigated predecessor.

“The third and final fact was that, not satisfied, a second time, tell-se, less than a week after his first defense, the President of the Republic again came to public express their opinion in defense of the accused on facts that should abstain, because for the court decision related to research that does not keep any relation to the acts of the Federal Government.”

“That is why patent the possibility of custody need denounced by of the criminal process, as widely proven its violent maneuvers and their supporters, with public advocacy and support even the President of the Republic, only measures that aim to shield the accused – erecting it to citizen level 'above the law', unacceptable in a democratic state of Brazilian Law, it is unacceptable to allow the tumult of the normal state of PROCESSING of investigations and of the next criminal proceedings.”

They stress the need for Lula in prison claiming he might flee the country.

A prisão cautelar guarda co-relação com a garantia de aplicação da lei penal. Now, se há evidências de que o denunciado praticou os crimes tratados na denúncia, necessário que seja segregado cautelarmente, pois sabidamente possui poder de ex-presidente da República, o que torna sua possibilidade de evasão extremamente simples.

this Friday, 11, news conference, Dilma falou sobre o pedido de prisão de Lula.

For her, o pedido dos promotores de Justiça de São Pauloé um ato que ultrapassa o bom senso”. Dilma considera que não existe base para a medida requerida pela Promotoria.


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