Proposal provides for the revitalization of the Lagoon Japiim

The order is Everaldo Farias, who requested the service of Semmas.
30/03/2016 07h06 - Updated 30/03/2016 07h06
Photo: Tiago Correa/CMM

The chairman of the Environment Committee of the Manaus City Hall (CMM), Councilman Everaldo Farias (PV), filed the Application No. 711/2016 the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), requesting the Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas), the revitalization of Lagoa do Japiim, in Japiim neighborhood, Area south of the capital.

Among the revitalization of actions are planting seedlings next to the ravine Pond Japiim, in Japiim neighborhood, Area south of the capital. The purpose is to do that with the planting of seedlings, the site in the future be covered by dense vegetation, such as trees for the erosion process is small and does not destroy the structures that make up the soil.

"The erosion at the site destroyed structures and led the nutrients and minerals to the lower parts of the soil and so it takes the planting of seedlings to the site is covered by dense vegetation. This process of erosion is important for formation of reliefs, but if there is no vegetation cover may bring harm, such as occurred in the ravine ", He highlighted the parliamentary.

According to the proposal, planting seedlings will be held in the ravine located in 44, near Lagoon Japiim. "I have the support of my peers in the adoption of the fastest application possible so we can finally erosion on site", He finished Everaldo

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