Ronan, Adelia and Munik compete in triple wall 'BBB16'

07/03/2016 11h17 - Updated 7/03/2016 11h17
Photo: LOOK

A configuration that caused surprise and consternation in the house, the wall next Tuesday, 8, It will be played by Ronan, Adelia and Munik. Geralda, who received the Angel Necklace, not only won immunity and the right to send someone to the wall. The chosen was Adelia. Dona Gegê could also vote in the confessional and indicated that Renan, in turn, in leadership position, Munik sent to the spotlight.

The vote in the house caused another scare: Renan and ended up tying Munik, with three votes each. As the owner of the leadership, Renan had to exercise the casting vote and chose to send Munik the wall, and not himself.


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