Learn all matters dealt with by Lula in stapled bonds by the Federal Police

Audios links were released after the breach of confidentiality of the 24 ° phase of the operation Lava Jato.
16/03/2016 21h36 - Updated 17/03/2016 09h04
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Audio Lula and Dilma

The Union's General Counsel, José Eduardo Cardozo, said Dilma dialog, contrary to the interpretation of the opposition, I was not giving Lula a document for him to get rid of possible police action.

Second or minister, President Lula was sending the document called proper term, for him to sign. This is because Lula, according to Cardozo, I was in trouble to attend the inauguration ceremony scheduled for Thursday (17).

Lula audio talking about Eugenio Aragão

Lula audio with Nelson Barbosa

The subject matter between former President Lula and Finance Minister, Nelson Barbosa in connection stapled by the Federal Police during Operation Lava Jet is a request for Lula to minister.
Lula says Barbosa “that we must press the investigators of the Federal Revenue and monitor what the body does with the PF. In a moment Lula says “Because it was necessary to call you responsible and talk, what the fuck?”. In the conversation, Lula also said he knew was being monitored by the PF.

Lula audio with Rui Falcão

In conversation with the national president of the PT, Rui Falcão, Lula said he was waiting for a search warrant and seizure at his home and children.

Lula audio with Sigmaringa Seixas

Lula said Luiz Carlos Seixas Sigmaringa, Rodrigo Janot, attorney General of the Republic, He refused four Aécio Neves Senator research applications, but he accepted a single against him.
The former president says that Janot, to be appointed by it should not have accepted the request for an investigation and said “This is gratitude ... This is his gratitude for being Attorney”.
The strategy is to use the press to embarrass Janot.

Lula calls FTS cowards

Lula recording with President Dilma, uma Supreme Court that has completely acovardada, a Court of Justice Superior totally chickened, um Parliament acovardado “…is everyone in the bar thinking it will happen a miracle”.

Lula and Jaques Wagner

Lula conversation with the then chief minister of the Civil House, Jaques Wagner, and calls for him to talk to Dilma regarding "Rose Weber business".


Interview with Lula lawyer

Former President Lula of attorney, Cristiano Martins described the action authorized by the federal judge Sergio Moro as arbitrary and cited that Lula's research is no longer the responsibility of the Federal Court and, sim, do Supremo Tribunal Federal.
He said the fact is regrettable and that there was no need for disclosure, extrapolates the process and generates social upheaval.

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