Seduc calls 74 teachers approved in the selection process

Os aprovados deverão comparecer à sede da Seduc na próxima sexta-feira (1º).
30/03/2016 15h27 - Updated 30/03/2016 15h27
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The State Department of Education (Seduc) convenes 74 teachers approved in simplified selection process (PSS 2016), and 71 inscritos na seleção para escolas da rede regular de ensino e três para na seleção específica para atuação no sistema de educação em unidades prisionais da capital.

The list of the names of the invited professionals and their ranking order of these PSS can be accessed at the site Seduc.

De acordo com a Secretaria os 74 professores relacionados deverão comparecer à sede da Seduc na próxima sexta-feira, dia 1º de abril. The lotacional service will start at 8 am and will respect the classification order of the candidates on the PSS 2016.

To attend to the Secretariat's headquarters, located at Avenida Waldomiro Lustoza, No 250, Japiim neighborhood 2, In Manaus, the 74 Related candidates should go to Server Recovery Management (Gervs) to receive said call lotacional.

Required documentation - candidates invited should go to the specified location, provided with three copies of the following documents readable: ID card (RG); CPF; PIS/PASEP (proof / statement); Voter Registration; Electoral Discharge Certificate; Military certificate (for men); Proof of address (Water or Phone); Current Account Statement (only Bradesco); Enable Proof (Diploma and Graduate History); 2 Photo 3 × 4; plus additional documents (Diploma of Specialization / Master / Doctorate (if there is).

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