Segundo SSP-AM, homicides in the capital reduced 15% in February

The number is lower compared to the same period last year.
03/03/2016 09h29 - Updated 4/03/2016 09h59
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The Secretariat of Public Security of the Amazon (SSP-AM) recorded in February 66 homicides. The number is 15% lower compared to the same period last year, which recorded 78 murders in the capital. from janeiro, a SSP-AM, in conjunction with the Civil and Military Police, It conducts operations in the areas considered most criminal incidence and specific times, in a major integrated effort to reduce deaths.

The Secretary of Public Security Amazon, Sergio Fontes, He pointed out that the actions are part of the new strategies being applied to reduce violent crime in Manaus, mainly, murders. Strengthening the investigations to arrest the perpetrators, the increase in ostensible policing in critical areas and investments in the Department of Technical and Scientific Police are among the new measures.

The Public Security Secretary explained that some of these actions have already been initiated last month. "In January, we had an increase of six cases of homicide, compared to January 2015. We act immediately to avoid being further growth, making operations in critical locations. Now in February, of course, but there is no fact out of the ordinary, we will finish with fewer than the same period last year ", said.

He said it will be directed more teams of researchers and delegates to act in homicide investigations and commented on the crimes of passion or reasons involving family disputes that are taking place in the capital. "Just this last weekend were recorded seven murders, of these, three deaths were cases involving family, man who killed wife, son killed father and brother killed brother. We realize that today we are living in a scenario where the intolerance of human life is increasing. In these cases, is very difficult to prevent such death happens because they are crimes that occur within the home ", highlights.

policing ostensible
The general commander of the Military Police, Colonel James Fleet, He reported that the ostensible policing was reinforced in areas with higher incidence of crime. "In places considered with constant occurrences, especially crimes against life, We gave special attention. And it has paid off, we are managing to lower rates. This is merit of all of the security system organs, who are working in an integrated way, is in large operations, either in specific actions. E, of course, with the partnership of the population ", highlighted.

integrated operations
Sergio Fontes congratulated all military police, civil and crowded in the administration of SSP-AM, who worked on strengthening actions, practically every weekend. "Everyone is making a great effort to meet our planning and our main goal is to reduce violent crime in our capital. That is why, I would like to publicly congratulate you all for this result for the sake of our people ", said.

The New Town neighborhoods, St. Joseph the Worker, Jorge Teixeira, compensates, new Aleixo, tarumã, Gilberto Mestrinho, Cologne Newfoundland, Alvorada and concentrated Puraquequara 38% of total homicides. Total, near 64% the crime is motivated by drug trafficking, involving cases considered bills and debts of hits. The northern and eastern areas concentrate most of the cases, and 33% e 30%, respectively. The data also show that most occurred in the evening.

Prisons in homicides
from janeiro, the number of arrests in homicides increased by about 40%, with the arrest of 42 people involved in crimes. According to the holder of the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs) Civil Police, Ivo Martins, with the committed work of the whole team, Civil Police has managed to elucidate and effect the arrest of the authors. "We have always endeavored to respond to society. The DEHS prisons rates actually increased in this first period of the year: were 23 arrests in January and 16 in February, and already at the beginning of March we have three arrests of murderers ", account.

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