Senators call for opening disciplinary proceedings against Live the STF

The senator Amazon Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB), It is one of the authors of the request.
23/03/2016 00h07 - Updated 23/03/2016 00h13
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Brasilia – Twelve senators PT, PCdoB, PSB, PMDB and PDT filed late on Tuesday, 22, no Federal Supreme Court (STF), a request that the minister Ricardo Lewandowski open disciplinary proceedings against the judge Sergio Moro, from Curitiba, the disclosure of clips involving President Dilma Rousseff and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Or order, for the National Council of Justice (CNJ), which Lewandowski is president, points out several irregularities committed by Live recording link that appears Dilma Lula talking about sending a proper term, so that the former president use it in case of need.

The senators claim that the telephone interception was made illegally because it was made outside the specified time limit.

Parliamentarians call for the determination of the Moro responsibility, “considering-is that (Moro) We were aware of the fact and did not take action in order to ascertain or correct the crime”. Besides that, They complain about the judge's act to lift the confidentiality of records.

Second or document, Dilma, to have privileged forum, It could not have been exposed in the disclosure of the eavesdropping, unless the Supreme determine the breach of confidentiality.

The authors of the request parliamentarians cite the law that defines as a crime the interception of communication and the breach of confidentiality of its content without judicial authorization. The penalty for this crime is imprisonment from two to four years, plus fine.

The senators who signed the document are the PT Angela Portela (THIS), donizeti Nogueira (MG), Fátima Bezerra (RN), Regina Sousa (PI), Humberto Costa (SP), Paulo Rocha (PA), Lindbergh Farias (RJ), Gleisi Hoffmann (RS), Jorge Viana (AC), Jose Pimentel (THIS), besides Forest Lidice (PSB-BA), Roberto Requiao (PMDB-PR), Telmário Type (PDT-RR) and Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB-AM).


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