Lula inform fear that once landed PMDB I do governo

According to Folha, Temer also would have been unhappy to statements by Senator José Serra (PSDB-SP).
22/03/2016 19h10 - Updated 22/03/2016 19h10
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SAO PAULO – According to columnist Monica Bergamo information, Sheet S. Paulo, Vice President Michel Temer should meet with Lula soon and will say that the PMDB will disembark once president of the government of Dilma Rousseff.

Lula wavered between accepting or not the position of the Civil House Chief Minister just after information that the PMDB would not follow with the government, but it was convinced it would be worth at least try to convince some leaders opposed. The vice president tries to sew, until the day 29, when there will be the party's convention that should formalize the exit, the disruption is unanimous or at least widely majority.

According to columnist, Temer also would have been unhappy to statements by Senator José Serra (PSDB-SP), where the toucan gave “advices” to Fear about the possible future government should be organized and told the toucan that no one speaks for him.

In another report, Folha highlights the team of advisers that the vice has to develop his economic plan should it become president. The group of economists gathers names such as former Minister Delfim Netto Farm, former Secretary of Economic Policy in Lula's first term Marcos Lisboa and former Social Security Minister Fernando Henrique Cardoso Roberto Brant, says the newspaper. some names, like Lisbon, he said “talk and give advice to all parties” and denies rumors that would take up a ministry in an eventual government Temer.

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