Fear intensifies PMDB break the link with Dilma

He wants to ensure a significant victory in the PMDB's national directorate meeting.
25/03/2016 12h10 - Updated 25/03/2016 12h10
Photo: Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

The offer of government posts to divide the allied base in Congress yesterday forced the vice president Michel Temer to cancel his trip to Portugal. He wants to ensure a significant victory in the PMDB's national directorate meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, that should be the official party break with President Dilma Rousseff, step considered crucial to the impeachment of the PT.

With Temer directly involved in the joint behind the scenes, the PMDB of Rio de Janeiro has announced yesterday that it will vote for the government landing. The PMDB Fluminense have always been considered strategic for the impeachment of the game in Congress. The Plateau has shown, However, which will use the power that has yet to derail plans Temer. The edition of the Official Gazette yesterday brought the resignation of the president of the National Health Foundation, Antonio Henrique Pires, which is linked to the vice president of the group.

The exchange makes clear that the Plateau decided to give up negotiating with the parties to meet directly the demands of MEPs, triggering a series of divisions in all the stands. The focus of the government is the universe 172 votes, minimum necessary to prevent the impeachment.

The Plateau decided to invest in the supply of first and second tier positions in two initial goals: lessen the impact of likely disruption of the PMDB and prevent this episode from contaminating the rest of the support base of the parties in Congress. “Any vote that they get the PMDB is profit”, said Mr Lucio Vieira Lima (BA), integrante da ala a favor do impeachment. “For us, it is important to approve the landing party to show our strength”, completed.

The Plateau has the help of the current seven ministers of PMDB, occupying the Mines and Energy folders, Health, Farming, science and technology, tourism, Civil Aviation and Ports. Per hour, none of them want to leave the office.
In a meeting with the president the night before last, they presented the current situation of the dispute within the party and pledged not to facilitate the breakup led by Vice President. Even during the holiday, the group of ministers must make calls to members of their state directories, in order to ensure votes against the stampede.

In the face of government summit investees, Michel Temer decided yesterday morning not travel to Portugal. In Lisbon, vice president participate in an event promoted by the legal education institute linked to the Minister Gilmar Mendes, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF).

Despite having canceled the trip, Fear not confirmed his presence in the directory meeting on Tuesday. He prefers not to chair the meeting that should benefit you. The direction of the work would be for the first vice-president of the party, Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR), in favor of impeachment.

No Brasil, Temer will act behind the scenes to ensure a significant victory in the directory meeting. The deputy group believes it can achieve 75% of support for the breakup. The directory is made up 119 members, the 27 Federative Units. In the event in Portugal, It is expected the participation of opposition leaders as the national president of the PSDB, Senator Aécio Neves (MG), and Senator José Serra (SP).

Source: Veja.com

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