Teori judge determines that Moro send research on Lula to the Supreme Court

Even with the decision, Lula's appointment as minister follows suspended.
22/03/2016 21h11 - Updated 22/03/2016 21h11
Photo: Joseph Cross / Agency Brazil

The minister Teori Zavascki, do Supremo Tribunal Federal, He decided late on Tuesday (22) the federal judge Sergio Moro send to the STF investigations of Operation Lava Jet involving former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

With the decision, investigations into Lula leave the jurisdiction of Moro, responsible for Operation Lava jet in the first instance of the Federal Court.

Determining Teori Zavascki, Rapporteur of Operation Lava jet in Supreme, not tip decision of the Minister Gilmar Mendes, the last Friday (18), which suspended Lula's appointment Minister of charge of the Civil House. But prevents other determination of Gilmar Mendes, in the same decision, He had determined that the investigation into Lula would get Moro.

in the decision, Minister Teori Zavascki attends a government request, who pointed out irregularities in the disclosure of telephone conversations between Lula and President Dilma Rousseff. For the Attorney General's Office.

In the same order, Zavascki again decreed the secrecy of the intercepts. Within 10 days, Live should provide information to the Court on the withdrawal of judicial secrecy of investigations, because of the involvement of authorities with privileged forum, as ministers and parliamentary.

Source: G1

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