TRE judges resource Jose Melo and Henrique Oliveira on Monday (7)

Former Minister of TSE will act in the oral defense of the teacher governor Jose Melo.
07/03/2016 08h48 - Updated 9/03/2016 09h32
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In this Monday (7), It should happen judgment of the appeal in the form of declaration of embargo teacher governor Jose Melo (PROS) and vice Henrique Oliveira (SDD), the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (THREE).

According to defense of the governor, the Federal Police aimed to harm and that the sentence, the stripped on 25 January this year, contains many contradictions and, up until, omissions. Defense attorneys classify the transaction as illegal and demand that justice explain controversial topics of police action.

The defense of the Governor Jose Melo wins strengthening the former minister of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Marcelo Ribeiro. He will do the oral defense.

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