A Brazilian is murdered every nine minutes

This is shown by the Atlas of Violence 2016, released today by IPEA.
22/03/2016 11h03 - Updated 22/03/2016 11h06
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Average, a Brazilian is murdered every 9 minutes. This is shown by the Atlas of Violence 2016, released on Tuesday by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea), in partnership with the Brazilian Forum on Public Security (FBSP). In 2014, year survey analysis, there was 59.627 homicides in Brazil, or 29,1 deaths each 100.000 habitants, increased 3,9% about 2013 – It represents an average number of 6,8 deaths every hour, or one death every 9 minutes. To get an idea, 10% of all homicides in the world have taken place in Brazil, according to the study. In ten years, the total number of homicides in the country grew 21,9%.

Also according to the survey, five Brazilians are murdered every hour victims of firearms. In 2014, were 44.861 people – or corresponding to 76,1% of the total registered homicides in Brazil.

According to the study, which is based mainly on the information system of the Ministry of Health Mortality, Alagoas is the state with the highest number of homicides in the country: 63 to each 100.000 habitants (growth of 85,9% between 2004 e 2014). Ceará follows on, with 52,2 homicides per 100.000 habitants. But when one takes into account the percentage growth, Rio Grande do Norte recorded a high of 308,1% the homicide rate in ten years, getting at 46,2 in 2014. Only eight states showed a decrease in the homicide rate, especially São Paulo, which reduced 52,4 % the number of deaths for this reason.

The research highlights the evolution of homicides among young, which directly affects the development of a country, its labor market, Social Security and increased productivity. Only in 2014 They died in Brazil 31.419 people (61 to each 100.000) between 15 e 29 age murder victim.
men represent 93,8% of total homicides in this age group. in Alagoas, the most dangerous state for young people, 270,3 They lost their lives for each group 100.000 men between 15 e 29 years 2014. The indicators showed that the largest share of the victims were individuals with low education, with a maximum of seven years of study.

The number of black homicide victims in Brazil grew 18,2% between 2004 e 2014 – in the last year analyzed, died 37,5 black each 100.000 habitants. But the same indicator for non-blacks decreased 14,6% no country.

The study shows that, to 21 years old – the peak of the probability of a person being a victim of homicide in Brazil -, black and brown people are at risk 147% higher to be killed, against white, Yellow and indigenous.

In 2014, 4.757 women were homicide victims, growth of 24,2% in ten years. The three states with the highest female homicide rate every 100.000 women were Roraima (9,5), Goiás (8,8) and Alagoas (7,3). Analyzing the ratio of homicide rates between women and men, States that had a higher incidence of female violence were Roraima (18,2%), Santa Catarina (14,7%) and Mato Grosso do Sul (13,9%).

The study rejects, However, the thesis that the growth of female homicides represent a failure of Maria da Penha Law and policies for the prevention of domestic violence, since the murders result not only of crimes related to gender issues (for which laws were targeted), but also those associated with general violence in society (that affect men and women).

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