Zelotes: survey quoting Lula, Renan and Juca is in STF

The investigation involves beyond Lula, his son Louis Claudius and the PMDB senators Romero Juca and Renan Calheiros.
31/03/2016 09h40 - Updated 31/03/2016 09h47

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The survey 1.621 Operation Zealots, that date or ex-president Lula, his son Louis Claudius and the PMDB senators Romero Juca (RR) and Renan Calheiros (AL), It was sent in full in the Supreme Court for the manifestation of the Attorney General's Office. The information was passed on to members of the CPI Carf (Board of Tax Appeals) the delegate of the Federal Police Marlon Staff. He who testified at Tuesday parliamentarians. Staff said that awaits the return of the survey to complete it – it can be split up or even maintained at the higher court, as contained in the file names of parliamentarians privileged forum.

In February, the judge of the 10th Federal Court of Brasilia, De Souza Oliveira Vallisney, determined the referral to the Supreme Recipe of the former server testimony John the Baptist Gruginski, of the investigated, and related documents.

He told the PF an alleged transfer of 45 million reais in kickbacks, shared between Juca, Renan and former Senator Gim Argello. The three deny. Marlon said Staff, However, all records of the inquiry went up to the Supreme Court to define the competence. Lula has testified as a witness and, second Staff, contributed research. But, the slender also said to justice before it was necessary to determine whether the former president and his former ministers joined or not the lobbyists gang investigated for facilitating bribes with the issuance of provisional measures with tax incentives to car manufacturers

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