78 thousand students in the municipal undergo Performance Evaluation

ADE evaluates the quality of education in public schools.
27/04/2016 12h49 - Updated 27/04/2016 13h39
Photo: Lton Santos

Approximately 78 thousand students of the municipal school system passed, this Wednesday, 27, by Student Performance Evaluation (ADE), which evaluates the quality of education in public schools. Students of the 3rd, 4º, 6And 8 th grade of elementary school answered questions of Mathematics and Portuguese Language, and the 8th year, They were also assessed in science discipline.

The result of the ADE will serve for the teaching units assess the strengths and weaknesses of their educational activities, and map a plan of action to qualify the education offered to students. Will serve, also, as a tool to directors and educators.

"Since 2014 we are working with ADE and every year we see progress in the teacher's understanding. They can already realize the importance of this assessment and the results to better organize the school, to focus on teaching and learning, because from the results you can see those students who are still in need of reinforcement”, He explained the head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Division (DAM), the Municipal Department of Education (semed), Nubian Brief.

At the Municipal School of Riding Hood Straw, crowned, East zone, approximately 200 students participated in the ADE. The director of the teaching unit, Simone Monteiro Pereira, He believes that the evidence shows not only the actual student learning situation, but it is also a kind of provision of teachers' performance of the accounts in the classroom.

"It is an important tool because it will assess what level of student achievement. Before the evaluation result, the teacher will be able to work with students their potential. It is a diagnosis of how students are at the beginning of this year and that's important because then we will have time to correct the flaws ", He noted.

Already Municipal School Leonor Uchôa, St. Joseph, East zone, 360 students answered the questions of ADE. Hevellgn Birth Sabrina, 8, 3rd year, He said the assessment was easy for students who have dedicated themselves to the study. "I did not find it difficult to prove, was only Portuguese and mathematics. It was pretty quiet. It does not take me long to make ", he said.


The evidence showed the ADE math questions and Portuguese for 3 students, 4Th and 6 th year, and for students of 8 were added science questions. All questions were prepared by technicians from DAM, that all year long research and study to prepare the items. According Nubia Brief, two more evaluations will be conducted this year. "We will have the second evaluation in days 19 e 20 July and the third in 5 e 6 of October", reported.

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