Virtual Monitoring Aleam projects will be equal to the Senate

System will allow people to track processing of projects in real time.
27/04/2016 19h05 - Updated 5/05/2016 00h21
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A partnership between the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard) and the Senate will make the processing of proposituras (bills, directions, requirements, Proposed Constitutional Amendment, etc) more transparent and accessible to the population. The President of the State Parliament, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), reported on Wednesday (27) the plenary of the House, the Assembly will have the same system used in Senate, that will be installed through a partnership signed in early April with the Federal Parliament.

According to Joshua Neto, the same software used in the Senate will be installed in and allow Aleam, in addition to real-time project monitoring, apply changes, additives and opinions on the proposal. Besides that, it can be viewed on the Internet not only by Members and Aleam servers, but for the entire population.

The president explained that the new tool will not generate costs for Aleam. Senate servers should come to Manaus to install the software and train the servers Aleam. "The software that runs the Senate and the House of Representatives is of the utmost quality and meet our needs at this time of financial difficulty, because you will have no cost to the House. Even the daily and transport servers will be paid by the Senate ", he said.

Joshua explained that previous attempts to install virtual tools for electronic monitoring of projects did not meet necesssidades House in terms of transparency. "Since the program used in the Federal Parliaments, besides zero cost, It is quality ", strengthened.

No forecast for the system is ready for use, but Joshua Neto confirms that the agreement has been signed and the Senate has authorized the software installation. The Steering Committee is awaiting only the arrival of the Senate servers to qualify and train the servers Aleam.

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