Álvaro Campelo speaks of the need to create conditions of autonomy for carriers of the autistic spectrum

Councilman was the author of the new proposal to hold the Tribuna Popular support for the cause of autism in Manaus.
05/04/2016 14h47 - Updated 5/04/2016 14h47
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Author of new proposal to hold a Tribuna Popular support for the cause of autism in Manaus, held today at City Hall, Councilman Álvaro Campelo (PP) He stressed the need to consolidate means to allow autistic live fully integrated into society, with opportunities and autonomy. This is what is most important today in the struggle of parents of holders ASD, he said.

With today's event, was given once again an important step for the population to become aware more and more that should eliminate bias, the lack of information, the lack of opportunity for these children and young people are able to live in society, commented Álvaro Campelo, which drew attention to the increasing number of cases being reported each year, requiring, in their understanding, immediate attention. According to data cited by councilor, "By the year 2015, 50 percent of children born with autism ".

For parliamentary, Another important issue is to create opportunities increasingly early diagnosis of those who are autistic children, for the adaptation of autistic society is faster. And today the closing of this diagnosis is very complicated. Therefore, the sooner parents seek help, expert guidance, surely the child will have a better quality of life.

Álvaro Campelo recalled that in 2015 was the author of several events to discuss and defend the cause of autism, including the participation of Professor Berenice Viana, national reference in the autism issue, at City Hall, and that is part of the committee of the Bar Association of Brazil - OAB, Amazon sectional, which deals with the integration of people with disabilities, and allocated resources, through parliamentary amendment, the projects that qualify people who care for children with autism in Manaus.

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