After possible military police officers of abuse of authority in the Rio Negro Bridge, Deputy snake determination of the case

lower-ranking military police would have been forced to overlook during inspection because the involved driver was a friend of Lieutenant PM.
05/04/2016 15h30 - Updated 5/04/2016 15h32
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During the Small Hours held on the morning of Tuesday (5) the Plenary Ruy Araújo, Amazon in the Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr Cable Maciel (PR), It ruled on possible official abuses of authority of the Military Police, in relation to the lower-ranking military police.

For example, Cabo Maciel reported that on Sunday (3), there was a service station in the garrison located in the Rio Negro bridge, routine inspection, when a vehicle with property taxes in arrears has been identified. The car should be seized and fined. however, the driver contacted the commander of the garrison, Lieutenant Stanley PM, who went to the site and had ordered the military police not autuassem car and they released.

According to the deputy Cape Maciel, one of the policemen on duty, identified as Sergeant Hawk, It claimed that procedures should be met, otherwise would be committing the crime of prevarication. At that moment the commander would have exalted and required to comply with the order of a "superior". The commander of the Traffic Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Carliomar was called and Lieutenant Stanley left the site.

The deputy demanded the investigation of this situation the PM internal affairs.

Maciel also congratulated the officers who stood firm and were not intimidated and correctly reported the fact to his superior.

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