Amazon Arena receives 100 autistic children on Friday, who will have access to recreational and sports activities

The action is part of Autism Awareness Week celebrations.
01/04/2016 07h11 - Updated 1/04/2016 07h11
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To start the Autism Awareness Week celebrations, the stage of the World Cup in Manaus will change on Friday, 1st day, a real “Blue Arena”, you will receive an average of 100 autistic children, which will have a schedule of activities in areas that are commonly occupied by players and football fans. Or event, that starts at 8 am, is the Amazonas State Government and open to the public.

The first offered recreational action will be a technical visit at the bottom of the Amazon Arena, as the changing rooms, area bank reserves and stands. Shortly thereafter, there will be “Jog Maratoninha Autistic”, with 20 meters away. After, all children will be gathered up the middle to release blue balloons, in allusion to the World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated on Saturday, day 2 of April.

The next moment, the children will go to the podium area of ​​the Arena and there psychomotor circuits will be performed, recreational and sports activities, as capoeira lessons, in Jujitsu, zumba, first, slide, drawing, face paint and plays.

“All of these activities encourage children positively, they feel welcomed, it will be an event for people with autism and their families. A moment of interaction, relaxation and also take information, because today there are many people who cherish prejudice, who do not understand the importance of sport in the lives of boys and girls and dealing with indifference those who both need to be included and loved”, He said one of the organizers of the event and the professional of Physical Education, Sonny Ferreira.

Children and their families were previously invited by the Association Overcoming Boundaries, but those who wish to participate, You get a warm welcome from the organizers.

Autism is a syndrome resulting from a neurological disorder that affects brain function and development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. According to WHO (World Health Organization), worldwide for 70 million people with autism. No Brasil, the estimated two million.

According to the professional of Physical Education Shirley Amaral, sports activities provide the improvement of the relationship of those who have the syndrome, improving strength, agility, motor coordination, the balance, stimulating speech and motor repertoire. The child is treated with sport and recreational activities and not only with medicines, You may have a faster and human evolution.

“The sport has a physiological value, because it contributes to the development of their performance, improving self-esteem. Sport gives the opportunity to demonstrate to society not only the evolution, but the qualities of those with autism”, said Shirley, that in Manaus coordinates Adapted Games André Vidal de Araújo (in Java), facing people with disabilities (PCDs), including the autistic.

* The action with autism should last an average of two and a half hours.

Service to the population in general
Parallel to the event, the Amazon Arena will also offer from 8h to 16h, several calls to the public, as issuing documents (Birth certificate, RG, CPF and Work Permit); dental visits (evaluation, application of fluoride and cleaning) and ophthalmologic (vision test); guidance and quick test for HIV / AIDS; completion of the Single Register for Programs of the Federal Government; assistance to women in situations of violence (General and legal guidelines, referrals and conversation circle); Legal guidelines of the Public Defender of the State and the INSS schedule; embellishment (haircut, hairstyles and makeup) and distribution of seedlings.

The Blue Arena - Autism and Citizenship – It is a realization of the State, through the Justice Departments, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel) and the Social Promotion Fund (FPS). The event also has the support of the State Social Service Departments (Seas) and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Seped), Public Defender of the State, Manaus Prefecture National Institute of Social Security, STD / AIDS of Tropical Medicine Foundation and Institute Beautify.

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