Brasilia records first death from influenza A H1N1

A woman 80 years died on 13 February in a private hospital.
05/04/2016 07h21 - Updated 5/04/2016 07h21
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The Health Department of the Federal District recorded the first death from influenza A H1N1 in the region. A woman 80 years died on 13 February in a private hospital. The secretariat was notified on 31 March and the news was released yesterday, day 4, in press conference.

According to the Secretariat, more 14 people were infected by the virus, eight are in serious condition. In 2015 the Federal District did not record deaths from influenza A H1N1. In 2014 were 21 five cases and deaths from this type of influenza.

A vaccination campaign begins in Brazil on 30 April and will be aimed at people with 60 years or more, health professionals, Indian people, children aged between six months and under 5 years old, pregnant women, mothers (up until 45 days postpartum), people with chronic diseases and other special medical conditions, prisoners and the staff of the prison system.

According to the Secretary of Health Surveillance of the Federal District, Tiago Coelho, the secretariat maintains alert both health professionals take heed to the symptoms and the population to prevent. "We must remember that we are talking about the flu, so we have to reinforce the basic knowledge of your hands always wash, using the alcohol gel, avoid enclosed spaces with many people flu ", said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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