'Carreta Seniors' wins the support of UnATI / UAS

The proposal is the brainchild of Councilor Everaldo Farias.
06/04/2016 07h10 - Updated 6/04/2016 07h10
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The general director of the Open University of the Third Age (UnATI / UEA), doctor Euler Ribeiro, declared to be of great importance to public health the proposal establishing the Health Mobile units for people over 60 years, calls "Carretas Seniors". The project is based indication No. 144/2014, Alderman Everaldo Farias (PV), which was approved in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), last week.

"The councilor's proposal (Everaldo) addresses a pent-up demand of elderly people who need care and for some reason can not leave the house to be a clinic for financial reasons is for health reasons. The UnATI / UAS supports this project which I consider of great importance to public health in the municipality ", said a leading expert in geriatrics State.

Everaldo Farias highlighted the work and the fight Euler Ribeiro in the medical care of elderly. "Dr. Euler is reference in this matter. He has been fighting for decades for this cause and we can make a good partnership for the elderly. The city needs to equip with greater ease of care for these seniors. The cart can get where they are concentrated, in this sense we have to sensitize the authorities for this population, growing increasingly, can be answered along the lines of Women's Carreta Carreta and Animal ", He defended Councilman.

The project
The implementation of the proposed Carreta Seniors' was presented by councilor in Everaldo 2014, but the appointment was pending before the Municipality of Manaus until this year. "I'm glad that colleagues of CMM have understood the importance of the implementation of mobile service units for people over 60 years. Now, with the support of a large institution like UnATI and its founder Dr. Euler, we can take this idea of ​​paper and thousands of elderly people may be benefited ", scored Everaldo.

currently, Manaus has, approximately, 200 thousand elderly, according to the latest survey of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). By councilor design, the carts must offer preventive care as measuring blood pressure and blood glucose, weighing and health education and guidance, mainly, outpatient care.

He said
The Open University of the Third Age is an organ of the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) and was created as a teaching core, search, extension and assistance on issues related to human aging, linked to the office of the rectory of UEA, to work in partnership in the School of Health Sciences (THAT).

The UnATI / UEA began operations in 17 November 2007 and his creation comes against the concern for the training of human resources; fostering specialized research on aging science camp, identity and specificity of the ethnic variable; and the extension, in addressing the critical public policies. The entity also has the certification seal of the World Health Organization (WHO). Throughout Brazil, there are only 17 Open University of the Third Age with this certification.

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