Couple of trafficking is stuck with 9 kg drug, In Manaus

The arrests came after five days of investigation.
13/04/2016 16h21 - Updated 13/04/2016 16h21
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police officers that make up the Department for Research on Narcotics (Denarc) arrested on Tuesday afternoon, day 12, por volta the 14h, Denilson de Oliveira Santiago, 19, and his companion, manicure Sueli Ramos da Silva, 19, involved in drug trafficking in the city. With the couple were seized, approximately, nine kilograms of narcotics.

According to the delegate Thyago Tenorio, the arrests came after five days of investigation, initiated after receiving an anonymous complaint made by phone, informing the marketing of drugs in the vicinity of Manoah Set, in the north. "Throughout intelligence work we found that Denilson and Suelem sold drugs in a property located at Rua 20 from November, in the neighborhood Colony Newfoundland, in the north ", he explained.

As the head of research of Denarc, James Figueiredo, during the searches inside the property nine kilograms of drugs were seized, entre oxi, Regional marijuana and cocaine base, found inside a toilet and a bucket buried in the backyard. Illegal goods, second or civilian police, It is valued at approximately R $ 20 one thousand. It was also found in the place a precision scale.

"When we arrived at the place they locked themselves and, after much insistence our, they decided to open the door. When we entered the house they were trying to put part of the drug in the bathroom drain and the toilet. Denilson acted as traffic manager in the area and carried out the distribution of the drug. Suelem part directly from illicit activity, along with fellow ", said Figueiredo.

Thyago Tenorio said that about two months Denarc team intensified fighting efforts against drug trafficking in the north, also aiming to reduce the homicide records in the area of ​​capital. At the initiative, He continued the delegate, It is part of a determination made by the Public Security Secretary of the State of Amazonas (SSP-AM), Sergio Fontes, and the general delegate in exercise of the Amazon Civil Police, Izair Soares da Silva.

"A study conducted by the SSP-AM servers point out that many murders are related to drug trafficking and the north and east zones would be the areas with the highest incidence of this type of crime. The population is more participatory, looking for the police and denouncing offenders. This vote of confidence they place in our work is very important ", he argued Tenorio.

Denilson and Suelem were charged in the act of drug trafficking, Association for trafficking and fitting equipment. After the legal procedures, it will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa and it will be conducted at the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF).

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