Spa center invests in promotions and treatments of excellence to win customers

A Body Time, that is three years in the local market, It offers over 10 types of aesthetic treatments.
03/04/2016 08h13 - Updated 3/04/2016 14h46
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In a year of crisis, trade needs to invest in strategies to attract and win customer loyalty. A Body Time Esthetics, for example, bet over 10 aesthetic procedures of excellence and monthly promotions to win to ensure the trust of customers.

Among the treatments offered by beauticians are: skin cleansing, I diamond peeling, facial whitening, moon bath, reducing massage, modeler massage, lymphatic massage, treatment for baldness and hair loss, russian current, heccus, carboxterapia, endermoterapia, thermal blanket with infrared, design of eyebrows, henna eyebrows and waxing.

The Body Time meets men and women from 16 years, depending on the treatment. Before all treatments, clients go through a body or facial assessment to identify the most appropriate treatment for the person. Unlike many other beauty centers, this assessment in Body Time is free.


A few days ago, the establishment began offering treatment called "intimate Spectra". Treatment recovers genital cosmetic non-invasively and painlessly. In this procedure, the woman is subjected to radiofrequency sessions.

In years of crisis, many people fail to make aesthetic treatments, thinking of these people, the Body Time works with monthly promotions. In may, for example, moms will have special discount.

Check out the benefits of some treatments:

Moon bath:

The moon bath serves to remove dead cells, by exfoliating, providing the lightness and balance skin tones. Also moisturizes all regions of the body, giving softness and shine, besides the despigmentar by leaving the gold.

massage shaper:

Improves blood circulation, eliminates dead cells, promotes cell oxygenation and, consequently, elimination of fat, elimination of toxins from the body, modeling body, elimination of fluid retention that causes swelling, improves intestinal function.

Relaxing massage:

combat stress, reduces anxiety, combat depression, it promotes feeling of well being, moisturizes the skin reducing premature aging, reduces stress and muscle pain, It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, eliminates toxins and metabolic waste and improved immune response.

russian current:

Promotes muscle tone. It is responsible for increased muscle size and definition in these areas, with promotion of blood circulation, and effect of lymphatic drainage, fighting flab.

Radio frequency:

Combat sagging of the face or body, wrinkles, expression lines, localized fat, cellulite and stretch marks, acne, e, even, skin lightening.


Helps in the breakdown of fat cells and, via stream Aussie (electric waves), It increases the metabolism so that fat is eliminated from the body through feces and urine. decreases measures, sagging and tones muscles.


Increases blood flow, favors the production of collagen fibers that support skin, increases or local metabolism, improves the appearance and reduces the size of scars, facilitates the healing of chronic wounds, promotes fat burning, undoes cellulite nodules. It is also used to treat dark circles (water bags in the lower eye area).


It helps reduce cellulite and localized fat. This is done with the aid of a device that makes a massage vacuum skin, stimulating circulation in the tissue, eliminating toxins from the body, fat cells and cellulite nodules.


At where?

Rua C, qd 02, no. 09, Set Amazon Garden – Park Ten November


Monday to Friday (the 6 at 20h)
Saturday 6 am to 15h

WhatsApp: (92) 99122-6740 or (92) 99218-4651

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