Japanese scientists create sensor that detects spoiled food

The device can be placed in cling film.
05/04/2016 07h16 - Updated 5/04/2016 07h16
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A group of Japanese scientists created device that can be placed in cling film, capable of detecting the state of conservation of meat or fish, reported today (5) the Nikkei newspaper.

It is to-be “smart material”, with 1 cm in length, responsive to being placed on the food use of which will prevent food poisoning cases, according to the research team at the University of Yamagata, in Northern Japan.

The sensor is able to detect histamine, a substance generated when bacteria begin to break down amino acids and food that is responsible for food poisoning symptoms, even in small quantities.

The device integrates a printed microcircuit in semiconductor material, in cling film and, no future, It may be installed in order to provide automatic information on food packaging conservation status.

currently, other sensors for the same purpose are being developed, but larger, said Japanese scientists.

From this experience, the researchers hope to develop a device to market within three years, She added daily.

A team from the University of Yamagata, Shizuo Tokito directed by the scientist, also develops a system to link this technology to cell, so that consumers can be informed the distance on the condition of the food.

Source: Agency Brazil

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