Summit of the Chamber acts and proceedings against Cunha loses strength

Waldir Maranhão determined the invalidity of documentation requested by the PGR and the collegiate STF.
19/04/2016 15h44 - Updated 19/04/2016 15h44
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In new decision further weakens the case pending before the Ethics Council against the mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), Vice President of the House and ally of the PMDB, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), determined the invalidity of requested documentation by the collegiate to the Attorney General's Office and the Supreme Court (STF) and the use of such material in the proceedings and. In practice, Maranhão positioning limits the scope of the investigations and prevents the evidence of Operation Lava jet to be used in action – which should make it more difficult to cassation Cunha.

The vice president met feature introduced by Deputy Carlos Marun (PMDB-MT), considered one of the wedge arms-rights. in action, Maron argued that the proceedings of the case against Cunha should be limited to the original imputation against him, which is to have lied to Petrobras' CPI to deny the maintenance of accounts abroad.

During the investigation of the Lava Jato, PSOL filed new charges against Cunha, as he also lied by denying that the lobbyist Fernando Baiano, appointed as the PMDB operator in tuition fees in petrolão, has gone in your home.

In testimony to the Ethics Committee earlier this month, the money changer Leonardo Meirelles strengthened the Board of Ethics allegations that Cunha was the beneficiary of 5,1 million paid through the money changer Alberto Youssef, propinoduto pivot that bled the coffers of Brazil's largest state.

However, with Maranhão decision, or the new allegations or revelations made by the money changer can be taken into account in the final report of the proceedings for breach of parliamentary decorum.


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