David Almeida condemns mounts on Facebook using your photo and name

Deputy called author of assemblies “boor, scoundrel and liar”.
27/04/2016 19h47 - Updated 27/04/2016 19h47
Photo: OF-AM

Congressman David Almeida ranked, this Wednesday (27), of "boor, scoundrel and liar who did and who sent to Facebook posts "using his name to try to play the Military Police (PM) against parliamentary. Almeida said that as government leader defends what is within reach and noted there is no victim in parliament, because all are equal.

"When you have complaints against the government, I defend what is in my power to defend, inform and counter. Now you get a speech, post a photo on Facebook. I do not know who did, but who did and who had to do is scoundrel scoundrel and liar. This is typical thing of small and petty people and you want to play me against the Military Police ", he stressed.

The government leader in the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard) He added that this is part of who wants to appear and has no arguments. "Try at all costs want to appear. Show work! Complaints will be cleared. It is the role to complaints ", said.

The parliamentarian stressed that when the opposition is manifest, He tries to answer all questions and complaints and smoothly.

"I try to answer the questions, inquiries and complaints and smoothly. Now use my name to say I called the military police of lying. This does not accept, because I do not have commitment to rascality. I have committed to work, in defense of public policies implemented by the governor. Disgust is mistreating authorities. Disgust is disrespecting a server with more than 50 years of service, is trying to humiliate and intimidate the servers that house. It is trying to impose by force pointing his finger in the face of a military authority. You have to have attitude and respect ", He criticized.

The MP called these petty attacks, telling that is typical of small people. "Each one gives what he has; what can. Therefore, if you want the debate, or go for discussion. Make complaints and I will try to ascertain. What is wrong, it is denounced, punished, returned. I have no commitment to the error but with the truth and falsehood will never prevail. This kind of down and dirty attack smacks of rascality of who did and who said to do ", He finished the parliamentary.

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