Dilma defense will claim 'revenge’ Wedge to accept impeachment

in a statement, AGU said allege misuse of purpose in the request for impeachment of the President.
04/04/2016 15h53 - Updated 9/04/2016 12h08
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The Attorney General of the Union (AGU) He said in a statement on Monday that allege misuse of purpose in the request for impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff – that is, the defense of the PT will be based on the argument that the mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), only agreed to initiate proceedings for revenge, on progress of proceedings against the PMDB in the Council of Ethics and investigations originating Lava jet in the Supreme Court. It is already old political discourse between PT: It was exactly the tone that Dilma used in a speech held last December, when Cunha informed his decision. In this ocasion, the president was silent on the document merit requesting deposition. The defense will be presented this afternoon by the Union Advocate General, José Eduardo Cardozo, the Special Committee on Impeachment.

Last week, Rousseff said during one of the speeches to militants installed at the Planalto Palace Cunha dispatched impeachment “because the government refused to participate in any scam in the Ethics Committee that judged”. Cunha upheld the complaint filed by a crime committed by the lawyer Miguel Reale Jr., Janaina Paschoal and Bicudo on the same day that the bench PT announced that it would position against him in the Council of Ethics. Until the day, Planalto negotiated with the troop wedge allies a judgment: Wedge would not accept the complaint and the PT would vote to file a representation that can revoke his mandate for breach of decorum – for lying to Petrobras' CPI on the possession of undeclared accounts abroad.

The AGU says now ask filing for lack of legal basis. In his defense over 1.000 pages, Dilma will say that there was misuse of purpose because Cunha has not dispatched in favor of the processing of the complaint in order to investigate irregularities, but as personal revenge form. “The distorted use of the impeachment process contaminates the whole case and is, alone, reason for complaint filing”, the statement said.

The defense Dilma also allege that rides for the current term (started in 2015) named in the complaint are only grants the Harvest Plan and the issue of additional credit decrees. The AGU argues that the TCU has always considered the measures “regular and legal”. Cardozo say they were “mere authorizations” to expand limits on budget and “They did not involve spending any penny more from public coffers”.

“The decrees only served to reallocate spending limits in certain public policies authorized by law, having no relation to the fulfillment or otherwise of the fiscal target”, the statement said. “The demonstration shows that there were no loans between the Union and public banks in social grants programs. The defense also makes it clear that there was no personal act of Dilma in the measures and, therefore, there would be no blame her if any irregularity had been committed.”

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