Delegate Ivo Martins gives tips on how to avoid being kidnap victim

Martins said the crime, usually, It is linked to property issues.
09/04/2016 15h27 - Updated 9/04/2016 15h27
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The titular delegate of the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), Ivo Martins, clarifies that simple measures can prevent the occurrence of crimes, as, for example, seizure, provided for in Article 148 the Brazilian Penal Code (CPB).

According to the police, configures the act of depriving someone of their liberty, by kidnapping or false imprisonment. Ivo Martins said, still, the offense is generally linked to property issues.

He explains that the kidnapping is usually related to other crimes such as theft and robbery. In the first situation, second or delegate, the offender abducts aiming to subtract from the victim. In the other situation, it is demanded that the victim delivered something. The latter crime, according to Martins, when associated with extortion and death, It is considered the most severe CPB.

"Hijacking occurs when a person is wrongfully deprived of their liberty and held in place from which it can not go freely. Normally, in the case of extortion by kidnapping a person has the freedom curtailed and the author starts to demand a due advantage. In the case of theft, the agent deprives the freedom of the victim to facilitate the consummation of subtraction. It is unusual only occur kidnapping itself. The person is usually removed from circulation when the offender realizes that he can get some benefit ", Dr. O. Titulr Argumento Dehs.

Ivo Martins also said, that there are cases where offenders know and study the routine of the victim or other situations that occur so-called "lightning kidnappings", where the intention is only to kidnap the person to get the bank information, for example, and then release it. In both cases, it is necessary that the citizen is always attentive to what happens around you.

"It takes attention to come off the bench. See if you have someone watching or suspicious attitude. You must also be careful with personal documents. When entering or leaving the place where you live, check if you have any strange person or vehicle on site, if you suspect something, actuate the Military Police at number 190 ", said Martins, stressing that people should not approach or confront suspects.

To report a kidnapping available number 181, the hotline of the Department of Amazonas State Public Security (SSP-AM). Ivo Martins guides, still, the offense is formalized at the nearest police station where the incident occurred or the DEHS building, Avenida Autaz Mirim, No 7891, neighborhood Jorge Teixeira, East zone. Questions can be answered by the police unit phone number: (92) 3636-2874.

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