Dilma receives support from Brazil after addressing the UN

Protesters against the coup shouted words of solidarity and handed flowers to the president in New York (USA).
25/04/2016 14h14 - Updated 25/04/2016 14h14
New York - USA, 21/04/2016. President Dilma Rousseff receives popular greetings on arrival to New York. Photo: Roberto Stuckert Filho / PR

After speaking at the signing ceremony of the agreement the climate of Paris, prepared for COP 21, President Rousseff received the support of Brazilians living in New York (USA). Before embarking back to Brasilia, Dilma spoke with a group of people who shouted words of solidarity and delivered roses for president.

Brazilians were concentrated in front of the official residence of the ambassador of Brazil to the United Nations (HIM), Antonio Patriota. Noticing the arrival of President, shouted: "Dilma, warrior of the Brazilian fatherland ".

A president, surrounded by security guards, It went against the Brazilians to greet supporters to hug and kiss. "Force, Dilma. A lot of light, my love", It was what one of the women to embrace Dilma. The president returned: "Oi, girls, thank you", said, amid selfies and photos. Rousseff told reporters who accompanied the scenes such manifestations of affection were "very important".

These were not the only demonstrations in solidarity with the president, who gave an interview to journalists abroad and said that the guarantee of his term are the 54 million votes he received in 2014. Early, a group of people against the disguised coup impeachment protested outside the UN building, in New York. They carried placards against the coup and flowers at UN headquarters. Some of the tracks said "out, Cunha”, in reference to the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ).

Rousseff arrived in Brasilia on Saturday morning (23) and he went to the Alvorada Palace.

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