Former coordinator of PROSAMIM, Eduardo Braga's management will have to return more than R $ 8,9 millions

Bills disapproved by the ECA were the year 2009.
06/04/2016 07h07 - Updated 5/05/2016 00h26
Foot: Government of Amazonas

The full Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) reproved the accounts of the former executive coordinator of the Unit for the Social Program Management and Environmental of Manaus Igarapés (Prosamim), exercise 2009, Abrahim Frank Lima. Unanimously, the college decided to follow the vote of the process rapporteur, counselor Yara Lins dos Santos, and sentenced him to return to public coffers R $ 8,9 millions, between fines and glosses.

The sanction was applied to the manager because of episodes of overpricing, No contracts 001/2006 e 024/2009, signed with the contractor Andrade Gutierrez, concerning unjustified material prices, overprice and overpayments in the works and engineering services in Igarapés Bittencourt and Mestre Chico and intervention in the Forty Igarapé excerpts, the Cajual and São Raimundo Park, former coordinator was fined and glosses that exceed R $ 8,9 millions, value to be returned to the coffers in 30 days. The manager may also appeal the decision.

The rapporteur also determined that we send a full copy of the file to the Attorney General of Justice for the adoption of appropriate measures, because of evidence from acts of administrative misconduct.

The supply of building materials through various efforts and delay in forwarding the data for the Fiscal Management Report were some of the inadequacies found in the provision of the Mayor of Eirunepé, exercise 2013, Raimundo Augusto Pinheiro Rebouças, and that led the manager to be judged irregular provision. The mayor also received R $ 19 thousand in fines.

The board decided to irregular provision of chairman of the accounts of the Municipality of San Sebastian Uatumã, exercise 2014, Guimaro Monteiro de Miranda. Among the irregularities found are lack of due settlement expenses related to purchase of fuel; and to incur expenses without legal foundation, that led the manager to receive between fines and disallowance R $ 54 one thousand.

The full yet decided by the irregularity of the mayor of Japurá accounts, for the year 2010, Raimundo dos Santos Guedes. Interest paid for late payment of contributions to the INSS; non-compliance with regulatory deadlines for the delivery of data to the ACP system, compared to 12 months of the year; and absence of registration and overturning of permanent assets, as well as book and tumble agents responsible for their safekeeping and administration, were some of the irregularities that led the manager to receive between fines and gloss around R $ 70 one thousand. Value to be returned to the coffers in 30 days.

Regular with caveats
regulars were judged with caveats benefits of the former mayor of Manaquiri accounts, Jair Souto Aguiar, exercise 2009, with fine of R $ 2 one thousand; the Mayor of Guajará, Luis Liberman Enes de Melo, exercise 2014, with fine of R $ 2 one thousand; director of Polyclinic Antônio Aleixo, José César de Carvalho, exercise 2014, without penalty application; the director general of the Hospital Isolation Chapot Prevost "(H.I.C.P.), exercise 2014, Sandra Lucia Loureiro de Queiroz, with fine of R $ 4,4 one thousand; and former mayor of Parintins Frank Luiz da Cunha Garcia, for the financial year 2009, with a fine of R $ Application 13 one thousand.

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