Former director of Azilda da Silva Marreiro Motherhood is disapproved by the ECA accounts

Former manager will have to return to public coffers R $ 324,2 one thousand.
12/04/2016 17h39 - Updated 12/04/2016 17h39
Photo: Ana Cláudia Jatahy (disclosure)

Accountability Maternity Azilda da Silva Marreiro, of the former director-general José Adalberto Soares Bonfim responsibility, for the year 2012, It is deprecated, early on Tuesday (12), unanimously, during consideration of 48 proceedings of the 12th ordinary session 2016.

The board decided to follow the vote of the Hearing Officer Mario de Mello, who judged irregular accounts of former director general José Adalberto Soares Bonfim and sentenced him to return to public coffers R $ 324,2 one thousand, between fines and glosses.

According to the director Mario de Mello, between the various irregularities detected by the ECA technicians are ownership and use of amounts related to state and municipal taxes (ICMS e ISS) and no justification to the release of R $ 307.583,50 current account, that did not appear on the benefits of past bills. The manager can still appeal the decision or return the value 30 days.

The board also decided by the irregularity of accountability of the mayor of Boca do Acre municipality, Iran Antonio de Sousa Lima, for the financial year 2009. According to the counselor-rapporteur of the case, Julio Pinheiro, fractionation expenses in short time for hiring services or purchasing the same nature was one of improprieties and found that the manager did receive, between fine and glossing, the amount of R $ 17 one thousand. Amount to be returned within 30 days.

Administrative costs that exceeded the limit for management fee 2%; and non-payment of salaries of retirees and pensioners of the Social Security Institute of the City of Coari (Coariprev), for the month of December 2014 were some of the irregularities that led the director general of Coariprev, Emídio Rodrigues Neto, for the year 2014, have judged irregular accounts. The director also received a fine of R $ 13,1 one thousand.

In the same session, They were judged with caveats regular supplies of director general of the accounts of the Municipal Public Services School and social and educational inclusion (Espi), exercise 2014, Luiza Maria Bessa Rebelo; secretary and deputy secretary of Semgov, for the financial year 2014, Márcio Lima Noronha and Ramiz Wladimir Braga dos Santos; former Mayor of Anori, exercise 2010, Paul Moreno Nunes; the head of the Civil Office of Manaus City Hall, Lourenço dos Santos Pereira Braga, for the financial year 2013; the former president of North Nova Olinda City Hall, exercise 2013, Carlos Rodrigues da Silva; and the Mayor of Carauari, José Cândido Edinázio Felinto, for the financial year 2014, but there was application of a fine to the amount of R $ 2,1 one thousand, for delay in the delivery of the budget and balance sheet and fiscal management report to the TCE.

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