EXCLUSIVE: PT false dossier weapon against Anastasia

29/04/2016 02h41 - Updated 29/04/2016 02h42
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Right now, PT deputy mining Rogério Correia, known as “the nutty”, He is reunited with Lindbergh Farias and other senators

They plan to set up a false dossier against Antonio Anastasia, Rapporteur of the impeachment process in the Senate.

Anastasia will accuse you edit illegal decrees of extra credit when he was governor of Minas Gerais,as well as Dilma Rousseff as president.

Anastasia, indeed, edited suplemetares credits for some departments, but within the state law, allowing such credits to 10% Budget amount allocated to each folder.

The plan includes, still, say that Anastasia did not respect the constitutional minimum for Health and Education.

Source: O Antagonist

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