Talking to Alfredo Estadão threat application Marcelo Ramos in Manaus

Alfredo said vote against the impeachment would end their majority claims.
26/04/2016 23h21 - Updated 27/04/2016 00h27
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In an interview with Estadão, Alfredo Nascimento (PR-AM) He broke the silence on Tuesday (26), and justified the reasons that led him to vote for the removal process of the PT, approved in the House on the last day 17. “A vote against impeachment, would become a monster in my state”, Nascimento said the report stating, then, that would end their “claims for the majority dispute”.

According to him, before delivering the plenary vote had access to research that indicated a rejection 80% the president of the Amazon voters, election of Mr stronghold.

“I do not speak out before the vote and put a billboard in front of my condo saying I was against impeachment. I got to bludgeon. But now things. I could not bury my pretensions to the majority dispute”, He stressed.

The Executive Committee of the National PR, Congressman sent a letter, on Tuesday, that formalizes the departure party presidency.

Pressured by former Deputy Valdemar Costa Neto, PR creator condemned in the monthly allowance process, the legend walked vote against the impediment of the President. “After my decision opposite to that decided the party, I felt the right to resign”, said Alfredo.

The trend is that the current Minister of Transport, Antonio Carlos Rodrigues, assume the party's command.

claims majoritarian

In Manaus yet, the city pre-candidate would be the current municipal president of Acronym, the former state representative Marcelo Ramos (PR). Alfredo after this statement the picture could change,, and who can take the mayoral candidate position is Alfredo Nascimento.

This had already been speculated behind the scenes after the vote on the impeachment of the last day 17 of April, and now gain more strength after Alfredo statement. A partners, Alfredo revealed, before the declaration of their majoritarian claims, who was interested only in play in the Senate 2018.

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