Governor inaugurates new stage of PROSAMIM the works in São Raimundo neighborhood

The works are part of PROSAMIM III and represent improvements to the locals.
01/04/2016 06h59 - Updated 1/04/2016 07h01
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The governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, inaugurated on the night of Thursday, 31 March, the first stretch of road connecting Presidente Dutra and the Linear Park Cacimbas, in São Raimundo neighborhood, district Midwest Manaus. The constructions, that are part of the Social and Environmental Program for the Manaus Igarapés (Prosamim III), represent improvements to the locals, with alternative traffic flow and spaces for sport and leisure. Investments totaled R $ 17,4 millions, financing result the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and consideration of the State.

This is the second opening of PROSAMIM made by the governor this week. On Monday, day 28 March, Jose Melo handed over the keys of 180 Residencial Mestre Chico II apartments, in the neighborhood of Plaza 14, south of the capital. PROSAMIM of interventions planned by the government in São Raimundo neighborhood, this was the third opening made by Melo. Already delivered the residential complex with 216 housing and the Black River Park, which is on the river shore, It has panoramic views and a range of equipment to develop cultural actions, sports and leisure.

“We are turning gradually this region in a more dignified place for people, offering better quality of life. The work continues and we are four areas of work in different locations”, He emphasized the governor on the works of PROSAMIM in the São Raimundo watershed.

Jose Melo said there will be strengthening in the pace of works and announced the start of PROSAMIM interventions in other regions of Manaus. “This is the second opening of the PROSAMIM work this week and I want to say that we will also continue the work of PROSAMIM in Educandos basin, that stretch remaining to connect the industrial district to Manaus Moderna. And we will also start five Prosamins here in Manaus and, next week, we will have another opening. We are facing battles and the crisis, with work, result and looking forward. Difficulty can be overcome by struggle and hard work”, he said.

Presidente Dutra
Accompanied by residents, the governor walked the new spaces and, at all times, It was stopped for hugs and greetings population in gratitude for the work. The first link step Presidente Dutra is between the streets Five September and Oswaldo Cruz. Until July, the government plans to deliver the second stage, that will make the road interconnection with Kako Avenue Caminha, in the neighborhood Presidente Vargas. Thereby, will be 1,2 kilometers of a new avenue expressed that will create an alternative to the mobility of vehicles between São Raimundo, the height of the bridge, to the viaduct Constantino Nery Avenue.

According to the head of the Secretariat of State for Greater Manaus, Américo Gorayeb, the complex of road works will gain strength with the beginning of the street construction work on the left bank of the stream. Besides São Raimundo, the government of Amazonas is PROSAMIM with the works in the basin Educandos.

“In that area near the street Maués, we enter the second half. We will also start throughout Aparecida, in the park of Castillian, there in Constantino Nery, near the bus terminal. This planning is to deliver works to the second half of next year”, anticipated Gorayeb.

With cost of R $ 11.152.591,16, the first stage of the road link Presidente Dutra, executed between the streets Five September and Oswaldo Cruz, neighborhood São Raimundo, had earthmoving services, microdrenagem, Street lighting, containment and waterfront, paving, landscaping, town planning, Building bike path, boardwalk, beyond the road system to the intersection of the two-way, not complete, It has the extension 399,69 meters in the first section of the work.

The first phase project will continue with the works on the section between the Oswaldo Cruz streets to the Avenida Presidente Dutra, later, add more 825,69 m and will link the new route to the avenue Kako Walk, neighborhood Presidente Vargas.

Cacimbas Linear Park
The Linear Park Cacimbas, located between the Avenida Presidente Dutra and Rosário Street, São Raimundo, It was built in area 6.966,90 m² with investments of R $ 6.277.854,34. During the work they were executed the macro drainage and microdrainage services, network deployment and external power lighting, earthwork, landscaping and urban planning.

The park consists of sand court, wooden pergola, playground, parking, table games, lighting, area for sports practice, hiking trail and landscaping. Besides that, at the request of Governor Jose Melo, the facades of homes, which are opposite the Park, They received a painting to compose the visual aspect of the site that will be delivered to the Amazonian population.

Social and Environmental Program for the Manaus Igarapés is financing the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and Amazonas Government counterpart. The program operates in Watersheds of Educandos and São Raimundo and is divided into PROSAMIM I, covering bayous Manaus, Bittencourt and Mestre Chico. The PROSAMIM II of the contract continued to state compensation for intervention in the stream of Forty. The PROSAMIM III includes the neighborhoods Centro, Aparecida, Glory, São Raimundo and Presidente Vargas.

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