State Government concludes this month works of PROSAMIM in Igarapé SESC, in Alvorada

Workers are putting the finishing touches in the works.
15/04/2016 09h31 - Updated 15/04/2016 09h31
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Workers are putting the finishing touches on the work of the Social and Environmental Program for the Manaus Igarapés (Prosamim) in Igarapé SESC, in Alvorada neighborhood, district Midwest Manaus. The State Government concludes the project at the end of April. While the official opening is not scheduled, residents participate in meetings and sensitization workshops in order to motivate them to take care and ensure the preservation of the place.

The Igarapé SESC is one of the tributaries of the basin Mindu. With the works in the bayou, crossing the Judge John Machado Avenue, there was the resettlement 37 families living in stilt, unsafely. In the final stage, the work benefits more than 400 people in the region with improvements in infrastructure conditions, sanitation and public safety. The investment is R $ 5,9 millions, loan resources of the state government with the Andean Development Corporation (CAF).

"In this area we are creating, in addition to the revitalization of the road system that has next to the bayou, parks containing sport court, hiking area, outdoor gym, playground space for children, as well as green space with urban planning and landscaping for the population ", He explained the Executive Coordinator of the Management Unit of Special Projects, Marcellus Campêlo. The unit is linked to the State Secretariat of Greater Manaus.

requalification urban – With the project, there was the urban renewal area, Recovery over 270 meters of stream, besides the implementation of sports and leisure spaces – as leafy square and outdoor gym. Besides that, a wall with more than 260 meters long exposes art in graphite with regional issues, sports and leisure. Another novelty is the construction of a treatment plant sewage network of community families.

"One of the goals of urban and environmental rehabilitation program is to get there sewers and avoid it to be played on the bayou. And here it is being built a compact treatment plant, that will treat the sewage, clears before-lo "disse Campelo.

as alagações – community resident there 20 years, autonomous Milton Mendes, 63 years, daily monitors the work done by the Government of Amazonas in the neighborhood. As a witness of change, he says that the region has a new look. "Improved a lot. In terms of alagação, for example, we do not have any more. Now we will have games for children, outdoor gym, quadra, and it there, the community is benefited because we did not, and the community is very grateful ".

To ensure long life to improvements, residents participate in meetings and workshops held by the Management Unit of Special Projects. The meetings take place from the start of the work. On them, residents have claims, but also receive guidance. In the current phase, the main objective is to engage them to take care of the space after the inauguration by Governor Jose Melo.

Community approves participation in decisions – Households already have environmental activities, as workshops and lectures to receive the Park. The measure has the approval of residents. In the words of housewife Meire Nunes, 43 years, meetings allow voice in the work process, that is generating changes in the history of the place. "I think it's important because we can give their opinion and, now, becoming aware of the need to take care of what will be left. To care because this is our. The government did, but it's ours and we need to see that is not plundered and do not be abandoned going forward ", said.

According to subcoordenadora social projects PROSAMIM, Viviane Dutra, meetings with the locals take place in all the streams that pass through the intervention of the government program amazonense. "This meeting aims to bring the sustainability of the parks from the community organization, considering organizing principles, maintenance, community work, the issue of community motivation to be together, taking care of a space that is public, in the sense that it is all ".

Dutra points out that families participate suggesting design improvements. It was thus that the project incorporated the construction of sports court, a demand that was presented directly to the Governor Jose Melo, for monitoring the construction site in March. "Our technical and social work works with these families since the beginning of resettlement. Families who had to change have already been resettled and we are now working with who was. The idea is to foster a sense of empowerment of this new space ", He stressed the subcoordenadora social projects PROSAMIM.

investments – The PROSAMIM of work in Igarapé SESC integrates urban redevelopment projects financed by CAF. In addition to the SESC, in Alvorada, on the list bayous of Bindá, in the neighborhood of the Union; the stream of San Sebastian, in Petrópolis; and the stream of Sharp, in the neighborhood Armando Mendes. The investments are in the order of US $ 75 millions, and US $ 52,5 CAF million and US $ 22,5 million counterpart of State.

altogether, the Government of Amazonas has scheduled PROSAMIM the works and implementation phase in a total of eight streams in Manaus and one in the city of Maués, being tendered. Only this year, more than R $ 400 million in construction is planned. Among the highlights are the works of PROSAMIM in the basin of São Raimundo and Educandos.

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