Jean Wyllys spits on Jair Bolsonaro during the impeachment vote

18/04/2016 00h55 - Updated 19/04/2016 07h39
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Congressman Jean Wyllys (PSOL-RJ) said actually he spat toward his colleague Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ) and said he would do it again. “I spit in his face as often as I wanted”, stated. The deputy said he fears not be processed.

Wyllys said he was insulted by Bolsonaro. “By the time I went to vote, bastard decided to insult me ​​on the way out and try to grab my arm; he or someone who was close to him. When I saw the insult, I returned with a spit in his face, that is what he deserves”, he said.

Bolsonaro said the spat was a very serious indeed, but he decided to process the parliamentary.

“I'll see what I do. So there is very serious. Spat can not exist in parliament. I do not like to sue anyone, no. I have hundreds of processes there by homophobia. Respect others and have the right to be respected in my ideas, words, votes and opinions. Spat escapes normal”, said Bolsonaro.

According to him, Congressman Luiz Carlos Heinz (PP-RS) It has also been achieved. “It is the despair. They lost, democratically lost. We came a part [spit], 30% me and the rest of the Luiz Carlos Heinz.”

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