Jean Wyllys had warned that spit in Bolsonaro

Wyllys is member of the PSOL and supports the government PT.
19/04/2016 07h05 - Updated 20/04/2016 07h38
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Congressman Jean Wyllys (PSOL-RJ), who spat in Mr Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ) no last day 17, during the vote on the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff (PT) the House of Representatives said in their social networks who was called by the Bolsonaro “deer”, “boiola”, after making your vote, but a video posted on the internet shows the farce mounted by Wyllys.

In an interview Jean also says: “By the time I vote, bastard decided to insult me ​​on the way out and try to grab my arm; he or someone who was close to him '. That is, he acknowledged he was not sure if it was Bolsonaro or another deputy who would be screaming the words such, who claims to have heard.

The video also shows, Jair Bolsonaro said only “bye honey”, phrase used by all Members in favor of impeachment, when Jean ran spat in his face. In one of the video excerpts, appears Wyllys warning to another deputy who spit on Jair, even before he declared his vote.

Jean showed the attitude as supporting the current government petista, that most Brazilians want to see out of power to see renewed hope for a better future.

Watch the video and see the farce of Wyllys. click here

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