Lewandowski gets support from leaders in the House the Judiciary adjustment

The idea is to approve the urgency of the bill on Wednesday and, within today, examine the merits of the text.
27/04/2016 14h17 - Updated 27/04/2016 14h17
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The impeachment vote on the eve of President Dilma Rousseff in the Senate and a possible change of government, President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, He received the support of party leaders in the House, what, according to, They will try to approve the salary increase of the judiciary and magistrates servers quickly.

The idea is to approve the urgency of the bill on Wednesday and, on the same day, analyze the text of merit in the plenary of the House.

The increase in compensation would be scaled. For 2016, according to the leader of the PSD, Rogério Rosso (DF), the measure has an impact of R $ 1,1 billion, but it is already accounted for in the budget this year.

Rosso said at the meeting were government leaders, PPS, PDT, PSC, PTB, PT PSB is DEM, as well as representatives of other leaders, inclusive do PMDB.

The readjustment of the Judiciary servers is one of the "guidelines bomb" last year. The government tried for months to bar adjustment 53% a 78% for the Judiciary servers, approved in the House and Senate overwhelmingly and vetoed by Dilma because of the impact on public accounts. According to the Ministry of Planning, the proposal increases

The project, however, He had intense lobbying of the Judiciary servers, who protested for weeks in front of the National Congress. After much negotiation, the government managed to keep the veto to increase narrowly – 251 MPs voted for the overthrow, six less than required.

To prevent the overthrow of veto, Dilma government negotiated with Lewandowski an alternative proposal, reset between 16,5% e 41,47%, sent to Congress in August, but little andou- was voted only in one of the three committees that must pass during the processing in the House. The cost, according to STF, would be $ 1,4 billion in 2016. but aum

In addition to the adjustment of the servers, Supreme ministers are no wage increase since 2014. Last year headed adjustment proposal of R $ 33,7 thousand to R $ 39,3 one thousand, but the project also did not walk. The government tries to block the increase because of the ripple effect - the Supreme Court of the allowance is the salary cap civil service and increased pro

In the corridors of the House's invitation to Members today by Lewandowski for coffee is nicknamed "billing invoice" after the Supreme Court not to interfere in the impeachment vote by the House. Some ministers came out in defense of the process to strengthen the discourse of the majority of Members that there is no scam accused by PT and related movements

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