Lula is committing new crimes

04/04/2016 22h09 - Updated 4/04/2016 22h09
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A member of the AGU said that Lula is committing new crimes while leading the salvage yard in Brasilia positions and benefits to prevent Rousseff's impeachment.

The crimes committed by Lula:

– influence peddling, by request, demand, charge or get, for if and for Dilma, advantage or benefit of promise, the pretext of influencing the vote on impeachment.

– Usurpation of civil service, to exercise, illegal and criminal way, the chief minister function of Staff, when it is forbidden by court decision of the Supreme Court, the injunction granted by Gilmar Mendes.

– Disobeying court decision on loss or suspension of law, because it is in clear breach of the injunction of the Minister Mendes.

The MPF is waiting to order the arrest in flagrante Lula?

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