Protesters do act in front of Bolsonaro house in Barra da Tijuca

The group responsible for the act is linked to the Workers' Party.
24/04/2016 12h06 - Updated 25/04/2016 09h51
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The group Levante Youth Popular, on the Party Workers, held a protest Sunday (24), in front of the home of Congressman Jair Bolsonaro (PSC – RJ), in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. With a banner with the phrase: Bolsonaro coup, near 50 Protesters chanted slogans against the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff (PT).

Bolsonaro voted for the impeachment of the President, no last Sunday (17), which causes the revolt of the current government supporters.

The protest took place on the edge of Barra da Tijuca, where the deputy lives. Protesters chanted: "Good morning Bolsomonstro, How are you? Good morning Bolsomonstro, How are you? I do not accept backward, much less his fascism. Good morning Bolsomonstro, How are you?”

The maniestantes argued that the deputy is everything that goes against the poor youth, Black and LGBT and said “irresponsibly, he voted for the impeachment”.

Profile on Facebook, Congressman wrote:
“My condo is surrounded by PT supporters.
threatening are invading it!
I hope not commit this folly!”

On thursday, PT the same group made a quick protest in front of the house of Vice President Michel Temer, in Alto de Pinheiros, in Sao Paulo. Young people scream words like “You will not have blow”, “Against you Golpistas”.

Acts of groups like this will only increase going forward, which does not prevent the will of the majority of Brazilians, who wants to see Brazil free of that corrupt government.

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