Moro: 'Nothing worse for democracy than a dishonest politician'

He classified as “criminal audacity” how former Senator Gim Argello (PTB-DF) acted.
12/04/2016 12h37 - Updated 12/04/2016 12h37
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro classified as “criminal audacity” how former Senator Gim Argello (PTB-DF) acted to extort contractors investigated in petrolão scandal and to avoid that they were targeted by Petrobras mixed CPI, in 2014. Second or magistrate, authorizing preventive detention of former senator, Argello practiced the concussion crime and money laundering even during the investigations of Operation Lava Jato. Moro, “It seems intolerable that investigated, member of the parliamentary committees of inquiry, instead of contributing to the findings, pass, as indicated by tests, extorting investigated to protect them from calculations”. “Nothing worse for democracy than a dishonest politician”, summed it.

In order to tough messages to the political world, Surviving unsteadily to the advancement of Operation Lava Jato, Sergio Moro said to be “unacceptable that political agents for which there are serious indications of involvement in crimes against the public administration and money laundering remain in public life without consequences”.

“As money is power and political dominance is competitive, dishonest politicians, to have conditions to rely on criminals resources, They have a comparative advantage over PROBOS. If there is no institutional reaction, there is real risk of progressive dominance of criminals in public institutions, with the commitment of the democratic system. The correct would be that the very political institutions or their own party structures solve these issues. If this is not the case, unfortunately the necessary intervention of the Judiciary to save society the risk posed by the perpetuation in the public life of the criminal political agent, particularly since there is a possibility that this back, in future elections, assuming parliamentary mandate”, He said the judge responsible for the processes of Operation Lava Jet in Curitiba.

In the assessment of the judge, a “criminal audacity” Gin Argello justifies its provisional arrest so he does not practice more crimes or offense against public order. Moro said, even without parliamentary mandate – he was not elected in the last contest, in 2014 – or ex-senator represents “risk to public order”. “The appeal to public order, is to prevent new crimes, away the unrighteous political public life, whether as a result of gravity of concrete crimes, It is sufficient to justify the enactment of preventive”, he said to abide by the request of the prosecutor and order the arrest of former senator.

“The fact that he no longer parliamentarian does not eliminate the risk to public order, because the product of the crimes was not recovered and was submitted, in principle, washing sophisticated schemes, serving as a precaution prison to prevent it from being subjected to new concealment and deception operations”, completed Moro.


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