MP calls for condemnation of Dirceu, Vaccari and Engevix executives

They are accused of criminal organization offenses, passive corruption and money laundering.
08/04/2016 15h53 - Updated 8/04/2016 15h53
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The Federal Public Ministry sent the judge Sergio Moro request that the former minister of Staff José Dirceu is convicted for the crimes of criminal organization, passive corruption and money laundering for having pocketed bribes and received blessings from propinoduto installed at Petrobras. In the document of final arguments sent to Moro – phase preceding the announcement of judgment -, MP points elements for conviction of thirteen people, including the former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto, executives Engevix Gerson Almada, Jose Antunes Sobrinho and Cristiano Kok, Brother Dirceu, Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira e Silva, Roberto Marques, the 'handyman’ the PT, and former director Renato Duque Services Petrobras.

“We are facing one of the biggest cases of corruption have revealed the country. You can not treat this criminal action without due care, because the message to society can be disastrous: impunity or reprimand insufficient”, He claimed the task force to uphold the conviction. “If we want a corruption free country, this should be a high risk of crime and punishment firm, which depends on a consistent performance of the judiciary in this direction, shy away judicial application of penalties in cases when judged that deserve significant punishment, as this now analyzed”, completed.

In statements given in his award-winning tipoff agreement, lobbyist Milton Pascowitch gave details of the intricate kickback payment scheme for the benefit of former minister. One of the ducts of the dirty money to the PT was paying aviation freight by the company Flex Aero Air Taxi Ltd.. In this case, said informer, “requests were frequent” and made by the brother of Dirceu, Luiz Eduardo, or the adviser Bob Marques – arrested, Alongside Dirceu, 17th stage of jet wash, erupted in August 2015. In the same way, there are reports that the front company Jamp Engineering paid 1 million reais to JD Consulting, the former Minister, between April and December 2011. There are even simulated contracts consulting between Jamp and JD, the payment of 1,3 million reais made by Pascowitch for reform of the PT's house in Vineyard, the reform of Dirceu's brother's apartment, Also bench for Pascowitch, and even buying a house for the daughter of Dirceu, Camila. Reforms and real estate purchases in favor of Dirceu were used to pass on tuition fees due to PT.

According to investigations, JD Consulting and Advisory, a sort of laundry José Dirceu in petrolão scheme, also received money from contractors of the notorious Club Billion. Were 844.650 Real paid by Camargo Correa in the year 2010; 2 million reais paid in 62 times between the OAS 2009 e 2013; 900.000 Actual deposited by ENGEVIX; 703.000 real by Galvão Engenharia; e 2,8 million reais deposited by UTC Engenharia

In addition to the sentencing to prison terms in closed regime, the Task Force Lava Jet argued that Sergio Moro must determine that the inmates give back at least 56,79 million reais, value based on the works of additives contracts the Presidente Bernardes Refinery, the Getúlio Vargas Refinery and Landulpho Alves, where there was payment of bribes. For MP, Justice must also set minimum 113,5 million reais to be returned to Petrobras, corresponding figure to twice the total value of bribes paid in all contracts and additives mapped by researchers in this process.

In the case of José Dirceu, the prosecution also argues that, in defining the possible penalty to be awarded to PT, be taken into account that the former minister is relapsing, since he has been convicted of corruption in the trial of the monthly allowance, and must have also increased because the penalty “promotes, or organizes cooperation in crime or directs the activity of other agents”.

By asking the conviction of Dirceu and the group of politicians and businessmen who worked with him in the corruption scheme installed at Petrobras, the prosecution alleges that all were well aware that they were practicing crimes, as “made use of sophisticated financial mechanisms to hide corruption and to practice the laundering of crime, amid complex criminal organization”. “This is not street crime, influenced by drug abuse or a lack of employment conditions, or famélica, due to the economic misery. Defendants are wealthy, moral lines that exceeded without any tampering or mental state of pressure, body character”, concludes the MP.


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