Nervosa, Dilma calls Temer and wedge 'head and deputy head of the coup’

President held speech that impeachment is “knock”.
12/04/2016 16h12 - Updated 12/04/2016 16h12
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In a tough speech directed to the Vice President, Michel Temer (PMDB), and the Speaker of the House, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), but without mention them by name, President Dilma Rousseff said “there are two heads of the coup that act together and willfully”. The statement was made at the meeting of the PT with representatives of the education sector on Tuesday. Dilma referred to as Temer and Cunha “head and deputy head of the coup case” They are trying to mount a fraud to stop, Congress, the mandate it.

Criticisms Dilma began when the president cited the leak, yesterday, an audio where Temer talks as if the process of admissibility of impeachment, whose vote is scheduled for next Sunday on the House floor, It had already been approved. The vice president took the recording and attributed the leak to a misunderstanding. “We live in strange and troubling times; blow times, Humbug and betrayal. Yesterday used the farce of the leak to spread the united order conspiracy”, said Dilma. “They conspire openly, daylight, to destabilize legitimately elected a woman president”, He amended the PT, under the cries of “outside Temer” gifts.

In reference to trades made by PMDB to the formation of a government Temer case Dilma is away, the president said that the conspiracy against it occurs while “auction positions in the office of coup, the government no-vote”. In the leaked speech Temer, she said, “one of conspiracy heads” takes the president condition, “gesture that reveals the betrayal of me and, still, democracy, and explains that this conspirator boss also has commitments to the people”.
The president tried to put the parliamentary, impeachment of voters, against Michel Temer to say that the vice tramples ongoing rites in Congress “in complete disregard to the Legislative”. Dilma said he knew exactly who “head or deputy head of the coup case”, but referred to as Cunha “hand, Not so invisible,, leading deviations of power and unimaginable abuses in the impeachment process” and to Temer, as or “other (what) Scrub hands and rehearses the farce of the leak of an alleged inaugural address”.

Dilma classified as fragile the report adopted yesterday in the special committee of the House impeachment and said case against her is commanded by those who wish to tear over 54 million votes he got in 2014 and even those of who did not vote on it, but they respected the democratic process. “The scammers try everything, intimidate us, take in the streets. illegal leaks and accusations without evidence can happen”, he said.

On the vote on impeachment in the House, the PT warned it would discuss with Lula strategies and next steps to convince undecided MPs and those who switched sides.


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