No Amazon, firearms seizures grow 37% in the first quarter

From January to March this year, 182 weapons seized.
18/04/2016 13h36 - Updated 18/04/2016 13h36
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Data released by the Department of Public Safety Amazon (SSP-AM), in this Monday (18), show increased 37% the number of firearms seizures in the first quarter of 2016, over the same period last year. From January to March this year, 182 weapons seized. Last year, between the same months, They were seized 133 weapons. According to SSP, in the first eleven days of April, They have been recorded 32 seizures.

According to the deputy general of the Amazon Military Police, Colonel Rubens de Sá, most weapons seized comes from routine operations or specific, conducted through the ostensive patrolling. "The Military Police conducted a study which found criminal spots, places that have been targets of crime in the city. In these areas, we are doing fixed and mobile barriers. One result of this work has been the withdrawal of weapons from circulation that are used, mostly, to practice assaults ", Explain.

Also according to data from the SSP-AM, in the first three months of 2016, They were taken from the streets 122 revolvers, 25 guns and 12 shotguns. Rubens de Sa also said that, the participation of the population through complaints via 190, 181 (Hotline SSP-AM) and the contacts of the Areas of Supervisors (SAs) the Companies Interactive Police (cicom) reflected in the good performance of the stock. "Allegations, usually, indicate to the police teams the way that the miscreants, who carry such weapons, They are. This helps us a ready response and even planned for specific actions in the areas ", concluded.

According to the Public Security Secretary of Amazonas, Sergio Fontes, the seizure of weapons is critical to reduce crime, since in most assaults, criminals use guns. Weapons are also used for "protection" of smoking mouths. "With this record seizures are certainly taking the firepower of criminals", said Security Secretary.

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