Backstage, Temer ensures that subtitles will “space” a future government

But, the vice president has cautiously to anticipate which ministries should be distributed.
15/04/2016 14h28 - Updated 15/04/2016 14h28
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In conversations held with party leaders who have joined the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, Vice President Michel Temer has warranted that they have subtitles “space” a future government.

second stories, Vice has had, However, careful not to anticipate which ministries should be distributed among the parties that will form a new government “coalition”.

“He already has a design formed in the head, but it is not treating it. It would be too hasty”, He told Broadcast (news real-time service of the State Agency) Geddel Vieira Lima, First Secretary of the PMDB and member of the closest group of Temer.

Party members do, who have frequented the Palace Jaburu, official residence of the Vice President, They say they have also walked Fearing not start negotiations before the outcome of the impeachment proceedings in the Senate.

“It is time to address the issue. Begin to create various noises between the parties that will form the government of Michel”, evaluated a member of the Senate PMDB summit.

Before the government landing advances of the main legends “allied base”, Jaburu Palace turned pilgrimage point for Members seeking to “to introduce” and take a word of support to the Vice President.

A day after announcing that the PP would vote in favor of impeachment, or chairman of legend, Senator Ciro Nogueira (PI), He met with Vice. Changes senator has been, However, criticized by the PMDB leaders.

“He has had breakfast with Dilma, lunched with Temer and dined with Renan Calheiros. Three different conversations. You can not trust a person such”, Considered a member of the PMDB summit.

Representatives of other legends of the base as the PSD and the PR have also intensified the melee with Vice. Yesterday was the turn of PSC.

The from, The Legend Members, formed mostly by members of the evangelical bench, They landed at the official residence of the vice to “a word of support” and make a “prayer” the PMDB.

“The PSC has already closed 100% a favor do impeachment. That is why, we greet Michel and wish good luck”, Broadcast told the leader of the PSC, André Moura (HE).

He pointed out that has frequented the Palace at least four times a day and at all times has brought new members of the evangelical bench to introduce them to Fear.

“It is a gesture of support, solidarity. We made a prayer for him, for Brazil”, said Deputy Gilberto Nascimento (PSC-SP). Both Moura as Nascimento deny that there was any negotiation regarding spaces for the legend in a future government Temer.


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