The Chief Justice Ricardo Lewandowski was appointed by Bumlai partner

11/04/2016 10h07 - Updated 11/04/2016 10h07
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In 2012, the season made a report on Lula's closest: Luiz Marinho, Ricardo Lewandowski and Laertes Demarchi, owner of the land transferred to José Carlos Bumlai and later sold to owner of Focal.

The report said:

"Marine, Lewandowski, Demarchi and Lula belong to the same circle of friends - and four of the relationship has been narrowing in recent times.

Lewandowski joined public life by the hands of Demarchis. When Walter Demarchi, brother Laertes, He was deputy mayor of St. Bernard, between 1983 e 1988, he invited the then attorney to occupy the Secretariat for Legal Affairs.

The then mayor, Aron Galante, hardly knew Lewandowski. he recalls: 'It was the Demarchi family indicated the legal secretary'.

The Demarchi family is proud to have suggested the name of Lewandowski when a vacancy arose in the Supreme. 'The only favor we asked the Lula, that was my brother Laertes who asked, It was for him to put Ricardo as a minister '. Lula spoke: 'It's all right'".

Now that the Lava Jet investigates the link between Lula, José Carlos Bumlai and Laertes Demarchi, which will tell the President of the Supreme Court, appointed to the position by himself Laertes Demarchi? it's all right?

Source: O Antagonist

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