operation to combat tax evasion seizes 10 thousand products and a deposit clandestine scourge

Approximately R $ 3 million in penalties were applied and over 40 thousand seized illegal products.
08/04/2016 07h44 - Updated 8/04/2016 07h44
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Approximately 10 thousand products without certification from the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) They were seized and a sealed tank, On thursday, 7 of April, during joint operation carried out between the Executive Assistant Secretary for Intelligence (Seai) the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM), Department of Finance (Sefaz-AM) and Office of Weights and Measures Amazon (Ipem-AM) six shops in central Manaus.

The operation is part of a task force created by the determination of the State, in December last year, and is intended to curb the crime of tax evasion, in addition to the entry and sale of illegal products in the local market. In three months of operation, approximately R $ 3 million in penalties were applied and over 40 thousand seized illegal products. The Sefaz-AM supervised over a hundred shops and sealed four companies.

The six establishments, targets of the task force, They are located in Guilherme Moreira streets, Dr. Moreira, Marcílio Dias and Mundurucus, downtown Manaus. According to the CEO of Ipem-AM, engineer Márcio Brito, among the materials seized are mobile phone chargers, lanterns, DVD player, electrical rackets, toys, school supplies and textiles.

"The electronics were with plugs and sockets outside the established standards by Inmetro. Toys and school supplies were without the seal of certification and mandatory information; textiles without the required information as CNPJ, tissue composition and information in Portuguese. The six establishments were sued and has 10 days to file a defense with the Ipem. Fines can reach $ 1,5 million ", He informed the holder Ipem-AM.

Márcio Brito also said that consumers who feel aggrieved in relation to inspected products can contact the ombudsman agency by 0800 092 2020 or by e-mail: [email protected]

The Sefaz-AM surveillance team identified an underground deposit, located in Marcílio Dias Street, where various goods were found (bags, backpacks, hats etc.) totaling R $ 240 one thousand. "As the merchant does not have state registration, It will be sealed until those responsible carry out settlement with the state tax authorities ", He informed the tax auditor and operation coordinator for Sefaz-AM, Luiz Henrique Ferreira.

Combating tax crimes – The Government of the Amazon launched a package of measures to combat tax evasion and increase tax revenue, in December last year. The package aims to, about everything, improve the collection efficiency and cope with the impacts of the Brazilian economic crisis. Among the new measures, provided for in ordinances, covenants and decree, is the involvement of security forces in enforcement actions of the State Department of Finance (Sefaz), the adoption of new technologies to curb tax evasion and evasion of income, the recovery of tax debts and strengthening the supervision of large economic segments taxpayers.

Task Force in ports
In addition to the shopping areas, the work of the Task Force also extends to Manaus ports, one of the main entrances of goods in the state. Goods originating from other states and even other countries arrive in desacobertadas vessels invoice by river. Lack of relevant tax document prevents the collection of their taxes, harming the State of Amazonas.

According to intelligence action coordinator of SSP-AM, Suely Costa, the research suggests that much of the seized goods is subfaturada. "It is the responsibility of SEAI seek information on the legality of the products and to identify companies or individuals who act illegally. We found that the majority of goods that have been targets of the task force are subfaturadas. The figures released below those charged by the market lead to lower tax collection, caused damage, not only to the public coffers, but also to traders who work legally and pay their taxes correctly ", highlighted.

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