PC holds dual involved in miscarriages of stolen cars, In Manaus

To avoid arrest, criminals would have offered the amount of R $ 12 thousand to police.
12/04/2016 15h21 - Updated 12/04/2016 15h21
Photo: PC Release

They were presented on the morning of Tuesday, day 12, during a press conference in the building of the Specialized Police in robberies and thefts of vehicles (Derfv), Eric Italo dos Santos Cruz, 24, and mechanical Marlídio Dutra Cunha, 50, involved in dismantling and receiving stolen cars in the capital. The pair was arrested red-handed by the investigation team of the police unit during the operation "Ten Key", triggered at the end of yesterday afternoon, day 11.

As the holder delegate Derfv, Pericles Birth, Eric was arrested around 17:30, Travessa Bela Vista, Silver Village neighborhood, City West area. Marlídio was intercepted in Manoel Nascimento Street, St. George neighborhood, Also in the West zone. According to the police, investigations around the offenders were initiated upon receipt of anonymous complaints, stating that Eric would be dismantling stolen cars in the place where he was arrested.

"When we get to the place indicated noticed the dismantling of a vehicle model Goal, stolen on 16 March this year, In Manaus. Upon striking Eric informed us that he intended to sell the parts to Marlídio. The young man then gave us the address of a shed, where Marlídio hid the pieces. In the place they were found two stolen cars and car parts. In this ocasion, Marlídio even offered to police officers R $ 12 thousand to not be arrested, which aggravated his situation ", He explained the holder of Derfv.

Pericles said Nascimento, still, that during expertise, held on the morning of Tuesday at the site where the miscarriages happened, it was found that these parts belong to more than ten vehicles. "In addition to documents, Keys and parts, separated by models automakers, found equipment used to dismantle, as chainsaw, manual and keys repuxadeira ten millimeters ", clarified.

The holder of said Derfv, along the collective, Marlídio that acted as a mechanic there 20 years. He took to the shed the stolen car, performed the miscarriages and remarcava engines and chassis. Then, the pieces were sold in a store his property, located in the neighborhood Compensates, West zone.

Eric and Marlídio were sued in the act by a qualified fencing. The mechanic will respond, still, for bribery. At the end of legal proceedings at the police station, violators will be taken to the public jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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